A Celebration! Three Year Blogiversary!

It’s pretty hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that my little blog is turning three today. I’ve told the story more than once to you guys, but this blog started out as a class project. It was my first day of my digital journalism class and my professor told us we had to maintain a blog for the entire semester. I always had “blogs.” Hell, I had been blogging since I was 12 during the age of Xanga and LiveJournal. Remember those? Then I ventured to Tumblr where I was really able to write about the things I loved and made some amazing friends and constant supporters. Then along came The Kelsey Wolfe Blog. My professor pointed to me and asked, “What do you want your blog to be about?” The first thing that popped into my head was fashion. I went with it and decided that was what I was going to dedicate my blog to for the next 16 weeks of the semester.

A lot has happened since. I’ve met a lot of amazing people and fellow bloggers. I’ve really discovered how amazing the St. Louis blogger community is. And I’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing partnerships who’ve allowed me to continue to keep this blog going. I will admit that once I really started taking this blogging thing seriously that I had some pretty unrealistic expectations. What I’ve grown to learn is that nothing happens over night. It takes a lot of hard work, prepping and planning, and tons of dedication. It’s not always easy and sometimes I let my doubts get in the way of my vision for The Kelsey Wolfe Blog. Even with that being said, I still love doing this thing. I love documenting what I love. I love talking and connecting with everyone. I love this blog.

So, from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you.  Thanks to my friends, family and amazing boyfriend for constantly listening to me talk about the ups and downs of blogging, for taking my photos from time-to-time, and for tagging along with me to events I’m too shy to attend alone. You may not understand it all or really care that much about the world of blogging, but I appreciate all that you do for me.

If you’ve thought about blogging — do it! Just remember to do it for yourself, though. The minute you get caught up in being the best and the competition of it all, you’ll lose your passion for it. Let your blog come from a place of love and share your adventure with the ones you care about most. That’s my wish for this coming year: to document more of what I do and share it here. To not only show you all what I wear every once in awhile, but to dig into my makeup and show you new products I love, to try out new places and rave about them to you, and to travel as much as I can and document the journey. Because if nothing else, I’m going to love looking back on this thing in years to come and being so thankful I did this.

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