Blogging Breaks + Getting Life On Track

Me oh my…I bet you thought I forgot about my little slice of blog real-estate, didn’t you? I’ll be honest, it definitely slipped my mind more than a few times and gradually moved its way down my list of priorities. What was once my #1 love and source of creativity, quickly turned into an obligation, a chore and a source of stress in my life. That’s exactly the thing I never wanted when it came to my blog. I started this because I had to, but instantly grew to love it and chose to do it because I was passionate about blogging and coming up with fun content. Then life caught up with me and I decided to take a break. I thought about quitting. I thought about logging in one last time, saying goodbye and ridding myself of The Kelsey Wolfe Blog. I did…but I knew my negative feelings towards blogging were fleeting and that I’d soon want an outlet to write and share things about my life again. That time is now.

Breaks are healthy and very important. My life took a drastic change and I needed some time to settle in, re-organize my life, and figure out what I even wanted to do with this blog. These past few months have been good for me. My tastes have changed, my interests have broadened, and I’m excited to share that all. I hope you’ll decided to give me another chance and see what I’ve got to offer this time around.

Now let me quickly fill you in on the last few months since I’ve been MIA…

April + May

I started my job and got used to it all. That’s it, really.


M and I got a cat! Not just any cat — Rory Boy 🙂 I’m obsessed with this furball.


I worked a lot and mourned the loss of my bubbies. We had 15 long years with my baby and I know he’s at peace now.


My big brother married his best friend and I was lucky enough to be a part of their big day. Love you both!


I’m not sure yet, but I’m about as excited as 4-year-old Kelsey on Christmas morning opening up the best present ever. Yeah, I’m that excited.

Again, thank you so much for being patient with me and to all of my loved ones for pushing me to get back to blogging. Love you all to pieces. Till next time, loves!


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