Bloody Marys + Birthdays

Bah! I haven’t written in a bit, but for good reason! Somehow I was blessed with three of the most important people in my life having birthdays…back-to-back-to-back. First is dad’s, then mom’s, and last but not least, Mike’s birthday! It’s a lot of celebrations in a short period of time and I’m just now catching up with my normal day-to-day schedule. With that being said, I have some fun things to share from said celebrations and then some.

Every year my mom and I go down to Soulard for the pet parade. We get Bloody Marys and drool over cute dogs left and right. This year it happened to fall on her actual birthday, which would normally be very fitting, but not when you, your brother and your sister-in-law have been planning a surprise 60th birthday party smack dab in the middle of the day. Somehow we were able to squeeze in the dog parade, a visit to the Cardinals Museum and still make it to lunch on time. She was welcomed by all of her friends and family and we successfully pulled off an epic surprise to the most deserving mom out there. Happy birthday, mama!

Then it was time to celebrate Mike’s birthday! This year he turned 26 and it still boggles my mind that we’ve been together since he was 22! A lot has changed in the last few years and I am so unbelievably proud of him and all that he does. After a very long time coming, Mike finally decided to buy himself a new car. He’d been driving a Camry almost as old as me since he was in high school and we finally decided to make the jump and get a new set of wheels. Mike walked away with a beautiful new Prius and we are so excited for new adventures and less frequent trips to the gas station! After a tiring weekend of events, we both took Monday off and stayed at a hotel for the night where we proceeded to watch crappy late night TV and eat junk food. Not such a bad way to celebrate, am I right?

I apologize for the not so weekly blogging, but I don’t have a super eventful/stressful week like what I just had for quite some time. Not to mention I have a fun new toy that I think will elevate the blogging experience for me, and hopefully for you as well — stay tuned! Until next time, have a great week!!


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