Coaster Shadow Box DIY

I don’t think it’s any surprise that Mike and I love our beer, and after over a year of bar hopping and traveling we have accumulated quite the coaster collection. Sure, they come in handy when guests come over, but they’re designs are also really awesome. We love our local breweries, so I decided to create this fun DIY coaster shadow box to add some art and depth to our new place. Here’s how I did it…

All you need is a handful of your favorite coasters. They can be your favorite breweries or just a coaster you love the design of. Then, to keep them in place you’ll need some newspaper. Lastly, your shadow box. I picked mine up at Michael’s on sale!

Lay them out however you desire. It’s best to mix in circular and square coasters to fill in the corners. Feel free to break your coasters in half to cover up all empty spaces.

Once they’re placed the way you like it, add on the newspaper over top to ensure they don’t slide when the box is sitting upright. Take the back of the box and press it into place.

Secure the back and flip over and admire your work. It’s that simple! If you don’t like the placement of the coasters, just remove the paper and fix what you want — that’s the beauty of it! No glue!

Ta da! The possibilities are endless when it comes to filling up these awesome shadow boxes. What would you fill yours up with? Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed this little DIY.

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