Day & Night Date Looks

I guess we can call this another installment of my summer date series? I didn’t know this was going to be a thing, but now it is. Deal with it! Sorry. Don’t know why I was so aggressive there. I guess there’s just something about date nights that really get me going. I like to look put together nearly everyday, but there’s just something about a date that makes me want to go all out. It’s a chance to get out of the house and look your best for the one you love. Plus, with summer comes more free time to go on dates and explore, so why not have some day/night date style inspiration?

Want to know my inspiration for these looks? Well, I’ve been talking Mike’s ear off about going to Nashville for months now. So, Nashville, really. That’s the extent of my inspiration. I can totally see myself exploring Nashville and all of its sights in this light-gauzey sun dress. All it needs is some cute yet practical sandals and a fun pop of color. As for my night look, I’ve edged it up a bit with the black and white. Not to mention the bright red lips and fun metallic touches. I think it would be perfect for dinner and some bar hopping.

Hope these looks inspired you all in some way! Let me know how you like these kind of posts and maybe I’ll continue to do more with different destinations in mind! Have a great day!

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