Life Changes

Good morning, folks.’s kind of morning, I guess. Let’s just say it was definitely morning when I sat down with my coffee to write this post. I’d truly love to bypass all of the apologies I normally pour on all of you when I haven’t posted for a certain length of time. Unfortunately by now, you’re all probably used to it. So I’m moving on… I have shared many of my life changes on this blog and delved into my personal life more than a few times. Writing is my favorite way of letting out my feelings and I am lucky enough to have the perfect platform to do so. As you all know, I graduated college in May. Since then, finding a career path has been difficult. I’m so happy for those who I graduated with who already have amazing jobs, but the honest truth is, that’s kind of rare. Or so I’ve observed and kinda lived. Finding a career in the field of “Media Communications” is a joke. Don’t pick that major, kids. Media Comm teaches you to be pretty sufficient at a lot of different media fields, but not truly skilled and qualified at a singular one. So do I try to conquer a marketing or PR job knowing very well that a marketing or PR major will most likely snag the job (and rightfully so I might add)? I’m a hard worker. I love social media, graphic design, marketing and PR, but I’ve come to the harsh realization that sometimes your degree, your $27,000 worth of debt degree, can’t always take you to the places you want, no matter what they say. I know it’s still early and plenty of college grads find temporary jobs like me in retail until they find something better. I’m just worried that “better” is a long ways down the road for me and that’s scary. So I’ve contemplated going back to school. Going back to good old college and tackling another degree in the area I should have initially majored in back in 2010 when Kelsey was 18 and clueless. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a teacher. I’m doing research and perhaps will head back to school this spring or the fall of 2015. Nothing is set in stone. Maybe I’ll find my dream media job tomorrow, but in the meantime I’m thinking about my future, and thinking about it a lot differently than I did when I was in college feeling invincible.

If you follow me on social media, you may also know that Mike and I are moving! Moving this weekend, in fact. It’s a major step for the both of us and I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t scary either. Managing money aint fun #life. I’m still beyond excited to have this opportunity and start this new chapter in my life with my best friend. We make a damn good team and I know that as long as I’ve got him on my side, I’ll be all right. I hope this post didn’t come off sounding too negative and depressing. I’m excited for what the future holds, I’m just being honest about the mistakes so many young people make and face every single day. I’m happy and learning something new all the time. I’m hanging in there and I hope you do, too. Once I’m settled into the new place, there will be a lot more to blog about and I cannot wait. Thanks for reading! Love you all.

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