Nashville Part Two

Writing this post gives me so many feels. It’s kind of crazy how a 2 1/2 day trip can make you feel so much. Mike and I loved Nashville. Every time we’ve traveled in the past we have generally always had some sort of itinerary, or list of things we had to go see. Not so much this time. Even though I would have killed to take a tour of the Ryman Auditorium, or seen the Country Music Hall of Fame, I wanted this little mini trip to be different. It was a new city and I wanted to explore it and be completely open to anything. Sure, I did a bit of preliminary research to find out the best neighborhoods, shops and places to eat and drink, but none of it was set in stone. It was all just stepping stones. So below is what Mike and I ended up doing, discovering and loving. I hope you enjoy. If I feel up to it, or think any of you would like it, I might do a little birthday post on the things I received. It wouldn’t be much, but a meaningful post nonetheless. Let me know!

Night #1 • 10.17.14

Mike and I traveled most of the day on Friday and by the time we got into the city, checked into our hotel and freshened up, it was almost 7 o’clock and dinnertime. I had a place in mind that took us to East Nashville, but after we saw the line to get it, we decided it would probably be a better choice for a more mellow Sunday dinner spot when the business of the weekend had died down. Here’s where Mike came in with his endless beer knowledge and came up with a place called Fat Bottom Brewery, also in E. Nashville. So, that’s where we ended up. As for as I’m concerned you can never go wrong with a craft brewery. The feel, food, and of course the drinks are always top notch. Fat Bottom had the neatest patio/backyard where there was a fitting live band playing some serious blue grass. We ate burgers, tried all the beers and played corn hole…my first time, too. It was a blast and I couldn’t have picked a better place to go on our first night in town.

After dinner we ventured off to the Broadway Strip to see what all the fuss was about and after walking down one stretch of the street decided drunkenly going from bar to bar was not the thing for us. I can see where it would be fun for single 20-somethings, but it was not how we wanted to spend our weekend. Pretty lights and lots of country tunes, though!

So back to East Nashville we went. Mike stopped by the Filling Station and walked away with a nice growler of local beer and we walked across the way to Edley’s BBQ for some drinks before heading back to the hotel to get some shut eye. Mike and I headed to East Nashville a few more times in our short stay and we really loved the area a lot.

Day #2 • 10.18.14 (my birthday!)

Today was my birthday! The only thing I really had on Saturday’s agenda was to shop. So, we headed to The Gulch neighborhood to check out their local Urban Outfitters and cruise the streets. I was in desperate need of coffee and found a local shop by the name of Bond Coffee Company where I ordered the Honey Ryder…omg. So. Good. After exploring that neighborhood, which we also really loved, (really trendy and hip) Mike and I came across Yazoo Brewery…kind of like Nashville’s equivalent of St. Louis’ Schlafly. We ate their beer cheese (not as good as Schlafly’s) and tried all the beers!

After leaving that area, we then wanted to find the location of Antique Archeology…you know American Pickers? Yeah, that place. Turns out their housed in Marathon Village. It doesn’t look like much at first, but after a few turns here and there we ended up finding the cutest shops. The cutest being D. Luxe Home. It was all of my interior design aspirations in one shop. I was in love and walked away with the finest of candles even though I wanted everything in the place including all 20 of his cow paintings. COW PAINTINGS!

Our next stop was to do some vintage/thrift shopping and ended up at Local Honey. Everything was amazing, but nothing that I was dead set on. Unlike Mike who snagged a vintage Chicago Bulls sweatshirt. He always gets so lucky on our travels. Still, it was great and we’ll definitely stop back by the next time we’re in Nashville.

Next up called for dinner at San Antonio Taco Company, suggested by my longtime pen pal Lacey. All I needed was some fish tacos and queso and I was a happy camper. So delicious and such a great deal!

At this point it was time for a much needed nap and when we finally woke up, we threw on some comfier duds and headed to the movies to see Gone Girl. THE MOVING WAS AMAZING. I CAN’T. I had the best birthday and loved spending every minute of it with my guy.

Day #3 • 10.19.14

We had a lot to explore today! Our first thing, though, was to see the Parthenon. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was beautiful and a great location to shoot. Since we were so close, we decided to hit up Hattie B’s Hot Chicken suggested to us by Mike’s students. It was just a tiny little place with a long line wrapping completely around the block, but it was literally the best meal ever. I got their Sunday special of chicken and waffles and I was in heaven. This place is reason enough to visit Nashville — hands down.

After getting in some of our last minute touristy stuff we headed to Green Hills Mall to really get some “Kelsey Shopping” in, ya know what I mean? I’m talking M.A.C, LUSH and J. Crew. Shopping can wear a girl out, so we took one last nap before dinner.

I feel like Mike and I got super duper lucky in the food department on Sunday. As if Hattie B’s wasn’t enough, we ended our trip with a meal at the Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden. I drank all the beers and indulged in their version of the cheese burger with about 6 different cheeses. I died and went to food heaven.

Monday morning we unfortunately packed up with coffee and donuts in hand and hit the road. I’m so fortunate to be able to go on these birthday trips with my best friend. We always have the best time. If you’d like to see our other travels I’ll link them here. Thanks for reading, loves!

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