Resolutions for 2015

2014 has come and gone and now it is time for my yearly resolutions. I’m not sure how many I’ve actually accomplished throughout my life, but I don’t know if I’ve ever quite been in this state of mind before. There’s something about being done with college and getting hit by the harsh realities of the real world that really puts things into perspective for you. Never have I been more happy, hopeful and utterly depressed all at the very same time. Maybe this is the year I’ll actually get things done and stop wallowing. With that being said, I see 2015 as a really exciting prospect and I’m ready to make the most of it. Here are my resolutions. Some may be farfetched, but I’ll realize that this time next year.

  • Pick up a book every single day and remind myself just how much I love to read because my childhood self would be really ashamed of me if she knew how little I actually do.
  • Blog something meaningful at least once a week, even when it’s the last thing I want to do because there once was a time when this was my passion and certain pressures and people allowed me to forget that along the way.
  • Continue to try out more local restaurants, bars, breweries and shops in St. Louis because this is my home and I love it and all of the creative people who call it home, too.
  • Take more photos of places I go and the people I love and share it right here on this blog for myself and everyone else to see because this poor blog is in need of some friendly faces and adventures to liven up the joint.
  • Land myself a job in my field that I can be proud of because I worked too damn hard my whole life and got myself into way too much debt to feel like all of it was for nothing.
  • Get myself a dog or cat. No “because” explanation needed.
  • Get my ass in shape again because I can’t believe I’ve let myself get this so far gone after working so hard to change my lifestyle in college.

Well, folks, I guess those are my 2015 resolutions for you. They seem pretty attainable and I hope I do myself proud. Here’s to an amazing year and a clean slate. Love you all. xx

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