Update from the College Graduate!

As I promised, I am back! Graduation was this past Saturday and I cannot get over how amazing it was to be surrounded by friends and family. I worked my butt off the last four years and to see it all pay off like this is pretty spectacular. None of it would have been possible without the constant love and support from my family and best friends. Even my best friend of 13-years flew in from Pittsburgh to surprise me for graduation!

Watch the video of the surprise unfurl here.

I truly don’t think I’ve ever been the one on the receiving end of a surprise. There were lots of tears and so much excitement I couldn’t even finish my pancakes — that literally never happens. We only see each other once every few years and to have her by my side the past few days has been a blessing. I dropped her off at the airport Sunday morning like I’ve done so many times before, and it never gets any easier. Never. Thank you so much for coming out, Shannon! And a huge thanks to my entire family for being in on the surprise and not spilling the beans!

Now onto the actual graduation. Was I excited? Sure. Was I nervous? Uh huh. There’s definitely a lot of pomp and circumstance that I wasn’t prepared for, but graduation went off smoothly… As in my hair and outfit looked good and my makeup didn’t melt off in the scorching sun. Other than the constant sweating beneath my gown and the extensive speeches from what seemed like every faculty member at Webster, I eventually crossed that stage and WAS DONE. I was greeted by the loving embraces of everyone important in my life and that is what truly matters at the end of that. I guess that and the fact that I do have a job interview today — cross your fingers for me! Below I’ll post some of my favorite photos, but I just want to say thank you one last time to everyone who’s ever helped me, influenced me, and believed in me — I love you all so much!

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